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Week 1: June 15 - June 19 (Wednesday - Sunday)
Week 1 Focus Text: Psalm 145
6/15, Wednesday: Reflect on your salvation; thank God for how he’s worked in your life.
6/16, Thursday: Pray for the Lord’s guidance and growth during this time of prayer.
6/17, Friday: Pray for the team driving to Pittsburgh.
6/18, Saturday: Pray for unity as a church in pursuing God’s vision for us.
6/19, Sunday: How has God spoken to you this week?

Week 2: June 20 - June 26 (Monday - Sunday)
Week 2 Focus Text: Colossians 3:12-17
6/20, Monday: Reflect on and give thanks for God’s forgiveness.
6/21, Tuesday: Pray that as a church we would grow in love and harmony.
6/22, Wednesday: Pray that we would reflect the peace of Christ.
6/23, Thursday: Pray for our relationship with the Emerald Coast Sports Association.
6/24, Friday: Pray that we would be a people marked by gratitude.
6/25, Saturday: Pray for ministry opportunities at East Milton Elementary School.
6/26, Sunday: Reflect: How has God spoken to you this week?

Week 3: June 27 - July 3 (Monday - Sunday)
Week 3 Focus Text: Romans 8
6/27, Monday: Give thanks for the freedom we have in Christ.
6/28, Tuesday: Pray for someone in your circle of influence who doesn’t know Jesus.
6/29, Wednesday: Pray for growth in hearing and obeying the Holy Spirit.
6/30, Thursday: Pray for the Celebrate Recovery leadership team.
7/1, Friday: Read Romans 8:31-39; give thanks for the love of Christ.
7/2, Saturday: Ask someone you know how you can pray for them.
7/3, Sunday: Reflect: How has God spoken to you this week?

Week 4: July 4 - July 10 (Monday - Sunday)
Week 4 Focus Text: Mark 10:46-52
7/4, Monday: Consider the story of Bartimaeus; give thanks for God’s mercy.
7/5, Tuesday: Pray for LTC’s youth ministry: The Foundry.
7/6, Wednesday: If asked today, how would you respond to Jesus in Mark 10:51?
7/7, Thursday: Pray for LTC Kidz.
7/8, Friday: Ask the Lord what needs attention in your life to more closely follow him.
7/9, Saturday: Call someone you know and offer to pray with them.
7/10, Sunday: How has God spoken to you this week?

Week 5: July 11 - July 17 (Monday - Sunday)
Week 5 Focus Text: Matthew 6:9-13
7/11, Monday: Give thanks for God’s revelation of himself as your Heavenly Father.
7/12, Tuesday: Pray for marriages and families to reflect Jesus and the gospel.
7/13, Wednesday: Pray that God’s will would be done in your life.
7/14, Thursday: Pray for your small group members.
7/15, Friday: Thank the Lord for how He’s met your needs and the gift of forgiveness.
7/16, Saturday: Ask a neighbor or coworker how you can pray for them.
7/17, Sunday: How has God spoken to you this week?

Week 6: July 18 - July 24 (Monday - Sunday)
Week 6 Focus Text: Psalm 131
7/18, Monday: Give thanks for the hope we have in the Lord.
7/19, Tuesday: Pray for God’s leading in planting a church in the future.
7/20, Wednesday: Pray for the Lord’s presence to bring calm and quiet to your soul.
7/21, Thursday: Ask the Lord how he has gifted you to serve.
7/22, Friday: Read Psalm 131 before going to bed as a prayer to end the day.
7/23, Saturday: Ask the Lord to show you how to pray and what to pray for next.
7/24, Sunday: How has God spoken to you this week?